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89 River St #551

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89 River St #551

Hoboken, NJ 07030

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Comedone Extractor Premium Skin Care Set

$ 19.97

✔ #1 Dermatologist Skin Care and Esthetician Professional Grade Acne Treatment Comedone & Needle Extractor and Ingrown Hair Remover Compact kit

Get Clear Skin NOW!

Does your face or body suffer from acne, blackheads, whiteheads, impurities or ingrown hairs? Do you have healthy skin and occasional breakouts?

Are you picking at your skin with dirty fingers leading to inflammation,redness, scaring and further skin damage? Or using patches with adhesives, expensive unknown chemicals on your face or taking oral medications?

Do you want a professional feeling experience and results with the highest quality equipment available without having to pay a dermatologist extraction or esthetician facial fees?

Introducing Your Very Own Dermatool  Skin Care Kit.

✔ Our skin care Implements are All Skin Safe Stainless Steel, Simply Use Alcohol to Clean.

✔ ONLY Our Product provides Professional Quality and Performance with Ergonomic non-slip grip Appropriately Balanced and Designed for optimal Handling and Results

✔ 5 Distinct individual tools, Extractor Hook Tweezer, Double Looped Comedone Fine Wire and Needle Extractor for different blemish, whitehead, blackhead as well as Ingrown hair applications.

✔ The only 5 Piece Compact Versatile Home and Travel Kit with a Sleek Case in Black. Individual compartments in order to keep your Implements separate and longer life.

✔ Second to None Customer Service, if you are not satisfied with it,simply return it for a full refund or exchange!


  • ✔5 HIGHEST & BEST PREMIUM QUALITY TOOLS- Dermatologist and Esthetician Equipment Recommended pusher & Extractor
  • ✔Efficient & Compact: Perfect Skin Care Kit for All Needs, Remove Impurities, Blemishes & Ingrown Hairs, fits in purse or pocket
  • ✔Professional Quality & Precision: Double Looped Comedone Extractor & Finer Loop End for Fine Extractions with Needle Extractor Suitably Sized for Face and Body Application. Schamberg Extractor and Pointed Tweezer with platform for Ingrown Hair Removal
  • ✔100% Product Replacement Lifetime Guarantee: Includes Sleek & Slim Case in black for Home Storage or Travel. Comes with friendly and easy to understand Video User Guide
  • ✔100% Stainless Steel- Dermatology Tools for Natural Skin Care Non-Corrosive-Best Hygiene Easily Sterilize Before & After Use