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89 River St #551

Hoboken, NJ 07030

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Nail Fungus Treatment

1) How long should I wait before seeing any improvement?

 Typically, sufferers can expect visible results with less severe cases within the first few weeks, though some people with severe fungus can expect as little as a month of use before seeing improvement. Fungus does not typically occur overnight and it won't disappear overnight, either. However, with consistent use and patience you improve the appearance of fungus damaged nails – the process that requires consistency, especially when dealing with severe cases. Podiatrists recommend a minimum of three months.

2) Is this product FDA compliant?

Tolnaftate is an FDA approved antifungal ingredient.  This treatment is formulated in a FDA registered facility according to CGMP ( Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations enforced by the FDA.

3) Does this work on toes and fingers?

Yes, this product is designed to be safe and effective when applied to fingers, toes, including the nail and cuticle area and the surrounding skin.

4) Can I return my product?

Yes. Please reach out to us via email so that we can help you.

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